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The free track for CHRISTMAS 2013 is: "Yuletide Angels" track 77. As always.. to use this music in your production, you must have a valid license. Please provide us with all your contact information and we will provide you with a valid license. Free is nice !

New Releases

  • GM_505 Bad Steam (Rock - Hard - Classic - Punk)


    Guitars, gears, gizmos and steam! Hard rock with more drive than a steam engine!

    • Running Time: 76:36
    • Cuts: 70
    • Song Groups: 7

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes & broadcast edits

  • GM_504 Earth & Sky (Orchestral - Romance - New Age)


    Romance. New Age. Gentle and Serene. Piano & Orchestra with contemporary keyboard stylings. Kind to body and soul.

    • Running Time: 66:03
    • Cuts: 60
    • Song Groups: 10

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes, broadcast edits, tags and stingers

  • GM_503 Urban Underground (Hip Hop - Urban - House)


    Street-a-tude. Urban Hip and Rhythmic. Hip Hop, House, Electronica, Chill. Stand up and stand out!

    • Running Time: 52:08
    • Cuts: 46
    • Song Groups: 8

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes & broadcast edits

  • GM_502 Good Days (Happy Pop Rock - Optimistic - Business - Motivation)


    It's a Very Good Day! Lets take this adventure up and to the right with these great optimistic Happy Pop Rock Motivation & Retail tunes. Get Happy!

    • Running Time: 76:33
    • Cuts: 65
    • Song Groups: 11

    Contains: Themes, alts & broadcast edits

  • GM_501 Sky Light (Orchestral Film Score - Pastoral - Romantic - Family - Fantasy)


    Flowing light over fields of green and violet. Sunsets and sunrises. This orchestral collection of fantasy and pastoral cues is both reflective and romantic. Suitable for film score.

    • Running Time: 79:18
    • Cuts: 63
    • Song Groups: 9

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes & broadcast edits

  • GM_500 Just Us Folk (Folk - Country - Acoustic)


    Join us folks on the porch! Sit in your favorite rocking chair and get an earful of some laid back Acoustic Folk and Country.

    • Running Time: 43:30
    • Cuts: 30
    • Song Groups: 10

    Contains: Themes & broadcast edits

  • GM_499 Positivity - AD SHOP XLVI (Business - Motivation - Optimism - Corporate)


    Positively positive and masterfully motivational! A bright and uplifting way forward. Soft orchestral rock aimed at business, modern corporate and anywhere positive reinforcements are appreciated.

    • Running Time: 55:32
    • Cuts: 86
    • Song Groups: 10

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes, broadcast edits, tags and stingers

  • GM_498 Urbanstated (Hip Hop - R&B - Urban - Electronic - Industrial)


    A fresh mash up of Hip Hop, R&B and Soulful Industrial - Electronic Urban beat! The vibe is Chill-in and relaxed. Definitely Urbanstated.

    • Running Time: 43:43
    • Cuts: 60
    • Song Groups: 8

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes, broadcast edits, tags and stingers

  • GM_497 Popsville (Pop - Electronic - Urban - Chill - Industrial)


    Big Red Lips welcome you to POPSVILLE. Urban Chill, Electronica, Quirky and sassy with an industrial overtone. Modern in an old school kinda way.

    • Running Time: 79:27
    • Cuts: 36
    • Song Groups: 10

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes and stingers

  • GM_496 Totally Quirky Music_AD SHOP XLV (Quirky - Eclectic - Variety)


    Want to "fly" in the face of convention? Quirky, Ukelele, Country, Jazz, Rock, Swing and just "plane" funny spot stuff in here, folks. Departure time is now. Start flapping...and enjoy the flight!

    • Running Time: 49:34
    • Cuts: 99
    • Song Groups: 19

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes, broadcast edits, tags and stingers

  • GM_495 Christmas Eve - AD SHOP XLIV (Christmas - Retail - Quirky)


    Christmas Eve music for those cold winter nights by the fire. Orchestral, Quirky, Celebratory, Traditional and Nostalgic. Merry Christmas.

    • Running Time: 49:35
    • Cuts: 79
    • Song Groups: 17

    Contains: Themes, broadcast edits, tags and stingers

  • GM_494 Tech Space (Technology - Space - Industrial - Science - Ambient - Mild Tension)


    Industrial, Space, Technology and Crime drift together in Ambient bliss. Mild tension underscores with some sci-fi surprises.

    • Running Time: 30:14
    • Cuts: 24
    • Song Groups: 8

    Contains: Themes & broadcast edits

  • GM_493 CHRISTMAS NEXT - AD SHOP XLIII ( Christmas - Retail - Quirky )


    What's on YOUR Christmas list? Well, here's one less thing to worry about! Quirky, fun stuff made for retail! Ho! Ho! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    • Running Time: 47:38
    • Cuts: 69
    • Song Groups: 15

    Contains: Themes & broadcast edits

  • GM_492 Use Your Imagination_AD SHOP XLII (Quirky - Eclectic - Variety)


    Wrap your mind around this eclectic collection of thought probing cerebral musicality. Or take a nap. Use your imagination! Quirky, Pop, Jazz, Retail & Romance.

    • Running Time: 62:18
    • Cuts: 56
    • Song Groups: 17

    Contains: Themes, alt mixes & broadcast edits

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