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Internet Download Pricing

Standard Use License: Buy Out Synchronization Pricing

  • STANDARD VOLUME: $80.00  
  • AD SHOP VOLUME: $90.00
  • BY REQUEST:  CD ROM with file format of your choice may be ordered by phone : $130.00 + shipping
  • INDIVIDUAL TRACK PRICING is shown next to each track
  • RESERVE MUSIC has a calculator built in for defineing the type of license and fee for synchronization.
  • LIMITED MUSIC requires a request for quote defining the usage. You must contact GMP MUSIC directly for the quote. 

Payment terms are available.

Licensing Options

Web Lease Subscriptions, Production Blankets and Needle Drop contracts require contacting your customer service rep. 

All Pricing is visible next to Volumess and Tracks unless staed otherwise

Custom licensing packages are available and can be tailored to fit your exact music and budgetary needs. Licensing combinations such as a lease with download options create diverse yet cost effective solutions for many companies.
Contact your customer service rep. today.


What Is a Synchronization ?

When music is “attached to” or becomes a part of any production, ie: film, video, DVD, television program, commercial, multimedia CD-Rom, web site or audio CD, it requires a license. That license is often referred to as a “sync” license. “Sync” licenses come in many shapes and sizes depending on the terms set by each publisher/distributor.

GMP Music offers flexible licensing options tailored to fit the specific applications of the many different production types.

The GMP Music Buyout Synchronization license gives the licensee the ability to use the music in its productions for 99 years, without any additional charges or “ sync” fees. Limitations on this type of license include National Network/Cable Broadcasting and/or Major Film/Video release. We have special licensing for those situations.

GMP Music, production music may not be sold as stand alone music and must be synchronized to picture or voice. GMP Music, production music may not be broadcast or distributed in film on any network not affiliated with ASCAP or BMI without expressed permission or obtaining a “DIRECT PERFORMANCE LICENSE” from GMP Music.

The Buyout Synchronization license applies to music delivered on CD as well as Downloaded unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Contact your customer service rep for more information.



Complete access to all of the music on the web site.


#1. One Low, Annual Fee.
#2. Highest Access to the most music at the lowest per track cost !
#3. Completely control your costs on music acquisition.
#4. Enhance your creativity by not being limited in your music choices. ( almost 500 Volumes )
#5. Unlimited downloads !
#6. New Music Every Month !
#6. Convenient ON LINE access where ever you are.  

You will be able to login:  
Web location:
Login Email Address: your selected email address
Password: your selected password

You will use the "DOWNLOAD" button to download tracks or volumes.

Music Content: 500 Volumes 
New Music: New Releases monthly.
Genres: Vast range of genres, styles and uses.
Search: Built in powerful search tools.
Project Management: Built in powerful project management tools. 
All downloads are tracked and logged with email notification.
File Formats:  MP3, AIF and WAV.
All tracks are iTunes encoded and searchable in free iTunes application. ( online instructions available if needed ).
Complete Volume downloads.
Special pricing on RESERVE MUSIC library including free TEMPing.

Here is a short video that expalins it easily.  WEB LEASE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONAL TOUR :

What is the Process Like ?

 You will Enter your Login & Password.    ""
Search by track or Volume.. locate desired track by auditioning with the demo button.
Click the "DOWNLOAD" button, choose the format and the file will begin to download automatically.
An Automated email notification will come to you and GMP. 

Type of License: WEB LEASE - Unrestricted usage during lease term.
All broadcast, non-broadcast use permitted. ( National Network TV/ RADIO broadcast and Theatrical release excluded and may require additional license fees)
Music placed into productions during lease terms are licensed in perpetuity ( forever ). 
All GMP MUSIC files must be removed from your system when and if the lease agreement is terminated and may not be used to create any new productions.

Term: Annual - Renewable - Scalable 
Cost: Afford-ably structured for your budget and music needs.

Email or call your sales rep today and ask about WEB LEASE .. call 800-955-0619



This license allows for the uninhibited use of the music for a specific series of programs to be created during a specified time period.  Special considerations in licensing and direct performance licensing may be negotiated. You will need to contact GMP Music directly to set this up.



Dating back to the days of vinyl recordings, this term refers to a fee generated by every single use of the music cue in question. Pre-Qualified customers may be able to retain the GMP Music library on a per use or Needle Drop basis. Licensing terms are often negotiated for this product depending on use and market size.
Contact your customer service rep for more information.



A direct performance license is used when and where there is no contract between ASCAP & BMI and the broadcaster. (see next paragraph for explanation of PRA). GMP Music has the power to issue a direct performance license to meet the contractual requirements set forth by these unaffiliated broadcasters. Fees, if required are negotiated. Contact your customer service rep for more information.



Broadcasters are responsible to maintain valid performing rights licenses with ASCAP or BMI in the US or with other performing rights societies in other countries. Broadcasters are also responsible to pass the cue sheet information on to ASCAP & BMI for each production. Broadcasters without valid licenses require a direct performance license. Productions created for broadcast (commercials, programming, films etc.) should always contain a complete cue sheet list of music used, listed by: Composer or arranger, Composer or arranger’s PRA, Publisher, Publisher’s PRA, CD volume number; track number, Music library distributor, length of time used and how it was used.

Example: Song title: Ina’s Song, Written by Gene Ort, BMI. Published by Gene Michael Productions, BMI. Music Library: GMP MUSIC, 2:38 seconds, introduction theme.

All GMP Music Volumes have the information you will need for your cue sheet on the PDF file and the web site has all the legal information listed for every track and every volume. Important: Creating a cue sheet for your productions does not cost you, the producer any money! It simply makes the broadcaster aware of the musical content legal information so that they can notify the correct PRA of the performance. Music composers and publishers receive income from public/broadcast performance of their music.



Please feel free to use this generic cue sheet as often as you like. A copy of the cue sheet should accompany every production that is targeted for public performance or broadcast of any kind. You can also fax a copy to GMP Music at: 269-687-9200.

A customized cue sheet with all your company information is also free to you. Contact your customer service rep. to request your free customized cue sheet.


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