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What is Temping all About ?

TEMP is: Automatic downloading of a pre-format selected track and will allow you to temporarily ( short term ) place the music track you selected in a production for the purpose of determining the acceptability of the music for that specific application.

To use the TEMP feature, you must have an active TEMP account with GMP or RESERVE MUSIC and agree to the terms and conditions specified.

Once your account has been been set up, and you are "signed in" this notice will not appear when the TEMP button is clicked. Instead, the music file will automatically begin to download.


TEMPing does not grant you a synchronization license. It is a "temporary" grace.


How to sign up for TEMPing:  

YOU MAY CALL US, FAX US, EMAIL US TO REQUEST "TEMPing Privileges" be added to your account.

800-955-0619  -   269-687-9100  -  269-687-9200 fax  -  info@gmpmusic.com




TEMPing is granted as a privilege and a convenience on an individual basis and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Gene Michael Productions.

GMP MUSIC / RESERVE MUSIC must be notified of "intent to synchronize" any TEMPed tracks that remain in the production and provide detailed information about the production, distribution and/or performance potential. GMP MUSIC / RESERVE MUSIC will invoice the customer accordingly.

A license for the synchronization of the music track with your media is generated upon payment. Any other long term or permanent use is a violation of federal copyright law and may result in legal action.

TEMPing automatically generates an email with track details to GMP/ RESERVE and to you helping you and GMP/RESERVE keep record of the activity.

The customer must do everything possible to keep control and organization over the music being "TEMPED" so as to guarantee against any illegal and unauthorized use.

Any use other than that stated is a breach of license and becomes copyright infringement.

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